COM 105 Final Speech

8 May


COM 105 Persuasive Speech

28 Mar

Legalizing same-sex marriage


Acceptance Speech for COM 105

22 Feb

Winning the Nobel Price in Medicine for finding a cure to cancer.

Special Occasion Speech

18 Feb

For my special occasion speech i will like to do an acceptance speech. My thesis statement is that I will receive the Noble Price for finding the cure to cancer. I will thank the people that helped me in the process achieving this.


COM 105 Informative Speech

8 Feb

Informative speech about coffee

Informative Speech Topic Selection

28 Jan

Major or vocational interest 

– Doctor 

– Health Care 

– Biology 


Hobbies and activities 

– Tennis 

– Traveling 

– Fashion 


Concerns and issues 

– School Shootings 

– Global Warming 

– Eating Disorders 

– Teenage Pregnancy 


Goal Statement: I would like the audience to understand how weight regulations in sports can create eating disorders. 


Fundamental of speech

21 Jan

Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is.

– Publilius Syrus